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Nationwide technology buyers at Computer Liquidators need to buy your business-class computer and data center assets!
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Sell your business-class computer room and data center inventories to the Liquidators!
Used computer, server and networking equipment.Computer Liquidators are lot buyers specializing in technology asset recovery. Services include liquidation, outright purchases, recycling and remarketing of new and used computer, networking, data center contents, peripherals and storage equipment. All major brands and configurations are considered.

Receive cash for unwanted, unneeded, unused and legacy computing hardware. Sell your surplus desktops, servers or complete data center contents to us.

Turn your surplus spare parts, printers, computer room, data center, and other technology assets into cash. Optionally, we offer "trade-up" programs to newer and current model technologies.

Do not leave money on the table!
Your surplus and retired data servers, routers, arrays, backup devices and switches may have value beyond what you might expect. Don't dispose of out-of-service computer and networking equipment until you take a few minutes to send your inventory list to our buyers. You will receive a fast quote.
How to Get a quick quote from Computer Liquidators
1. If you are uncertain that Computer Liquidators has interest in your items, check these pages:
Items of interest to the Liquidators
Items the Liquidators will not buy
2. Fill in the form on the right-hand side of any site page and click Send Info.
3. Or e-mail your inventory list to:
    a. Send your list in plain text, or
    b. Send your list as an email attachment in Word, XLS or PDF format, or
c. Fax it to 713 932-0127.
4. In a rush to get things moving? Call: 713 932-0657
No buy proposal is too big
Computer Liquidators can handle any size computer systems and network equipment buy or liquidation. From a few. . . to hundreds of systems and components.
All you have to do is make contact with your inventory list. You get quick quotes, fast payments and detailed information regarding the process of getting your surplus inventory into our hands.
Call Computer Liquidators before you upgrade or retire systems
Replacing, retiring or upgrading systems and network components? Your end-of-life cycle equipment may not be ready for the heap. Get dollars for your aging and old network gear. We need to buy your legacy and retired servers, workstations, desktops, switches, routers and data center content. We need to buy VAX and other legacy systems and parts. Your old unwanted and unneeded hardware and parts can meet someone else's critical needs. We have the connections. Before considering the dump... Call us! We have dollars waiting for your call!
Are you needing to buy used or refurbished? You're at the right place.
No problem! Go to our in-network partner to buy high-end, enterprise computing, storage, networking equipment and spare parts. Get amazing prices from 30% to 80% off retail cost at the buyer's source...
What The Liquidators Will Buy Save time by checking these 2 pages before requesting a quote!
Items of interest to the Liquidators
Items the Liquidators will not buy

Sell all your IBM - Sun - HP - Dell - Cisco - Compaq - StorageTek - NetApp - EMC and Bay Networks equipment here!

Sell you Sun systems & equipment to computer liquidators

We buy all HP systems, backup and networking equipment

Compaq - Alpha - Vax - Proliant - We buy it!

Sell you Cicso routers - switches - wireless access to us!

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