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 Computer, Storage and Network Hardware Liquidation Services to Business, Government & Education
Nationwide asset recovery service to clients located anywhere in the continental USA  ▪ Email: Computer Liquidators
Examples of Computer Liquidator's client base
▪ Small, Medium and Large Businesses
▪ Fortune 100-500 Companies
▪ Government and Military Agencies
▪ Data Center Operators
▪ Educational Institutions
▪ Oil and Gas Entities
▪ ISPs ▪ Dot Coms ▪ and More

We cannot buy equipment from individual consumers of home computing and networking items or the general public Click here to see what we DO NOT BUY . . .

Reasons to sell used computer and networking hardware and parts
Computer Liquidator's clients sell, recycle and dispose of computer and networking surplus and assets in a variety of circumstances.
Typical motives for liquidating computer and network equipment are upgrades to leading-edge or current technologies, office closures, downsizing, company failures, capital requirements and warehousing shortfalls.
For many clients, turning surplus and legacy systems into cash simply makes sense. Save money on off-campus storage fees, maintenance costs and security liabilities for loaded, but out-of-service systems and components.
Sell your unneeded computer assets to fund needed upgrades and replace aging equipment with new.
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Click here to see what we DO NOT BUY . . .
How about trading up?
Eliminate the cash exchange and do a direct trade-up to new or refurbished current technology systems.
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In most cases, submissions received before 5:00 PM CST on week days, will be answered the same day. For urgent requests, immediate answers and service call 800 932-0657.
Click here to see what we DO NOT BUY . . .

Sell all your IBM - Sun - HP - Dell - Cisco - Compaq - StorageTek - NetApp - EMC and Bay Networks equipment here!

Sell you Sun systems & equipment to computer liquidators

We buy all HP systems, backup and networking equipment

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