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Business Class Only - Computer, Storage and Networking Equipment Liquidation
Asset recovery is easy when you sell your surplus and used computers, storage and networking gear to Computer Liquidators and Buyers.  Computer Liquidators considers all buys, large and small. We buy single units, parts, entire computer room and data center contents and warehoused inventory.  Call a Computer Liquidators buyer to request a quick quote or on-site evaluation and offer.
Houston: 713 932-0657
Sell Us Your Entry Level, Mid-Range and High-End Servers and Systems
Sell your used Sun Microsystems, HP, Compaq, and IBM servers and systems to Computer Liquidators. We're interested in all platforms. Our buyers offer top dollar for all low and high-end, enterprise UNIX ®, Linux ®, and Windows ® server systems. Liquidating your surplus and retired systems assets gives you capital to invest elsewhere. Just makes good sense to call us for a quick quote!
Send a list of the inventory you need to sell and get a fast quote by email or phone. We will send you dollars for your surplus and out-of-service systems, or offer you the opportunity to take trade-in credit for newer and refurbished systems!
You might think the computers and equipment you need to clear-out is worthless or too obsolete. . . Maybe not! Don't throw or give anything away until you talk to a Computer Liquidators buyer. We have distribution channels for legacy server systems and replacement and spare parts. Send your complete inventory list to Computer Liquidators.

We buy business-class: Workstations  ▪  Desktops  ▪  Laptops  ▪  Monitors  ▪  Printers
Sell your workstations, desktops, laptops and monitors to Computer Liquidators. We make offers on large and small lots of brand-name PCs and desktop computers with Pentium® 4 and above processors. Memory, peripheral, storage and removable media options are negotiable.
Selling your unused monitors, LCD flat panels and printers will free up storage space, produce capital and make room for new equipment when it arrives. We need to buy your monitors and displays.
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We buy DEC VAX & Alpha
Sell your out-of-service VAX and Alpha boxes to Computer Liquidators. We have need to buy these legacy systems for parts and refurbishment.
We buy Networking Hardware & Storage
We want anything from Storage Tech, Cisco, NetApp, EMC and Bay Networks. We need Storage arrays and cabinets, switches, routers, firewalls and more.
We Buy Used, Legacy and Obsolete Systems: Sun ▪ HP ▪ Compaq ▪ IBM ▪ Dell
You might think the computers and equipment you want to get rid of is worthless or too obsolete... Maybe not!  Don't throw or give anything away until you talk to a Computer Liquidators buyer. We have distribution channels for legacy computing and networking equipment, as well as replacement and spare parts.  Send your complete inventory list to Computer Liquidators.
We Buy Used and Surplus Computer Parts
Computer Liquidators will buy new and used Sun, HP, Alpha, IBM, and VAX computer parts. We buy all hardware components, processors. parts and memory for any high-end computing equipment.

The Liquidators want to buy internal and external disks and hard drives. We need SCSI, SATA, and PATA hard drives in quantity. Call now to unload your unwanted storage!
Buy - Sell - Trade - "Cash it in, or trade it in at Computer Liquidators."
Take trade-in credit for a win-win deal at The Source. You can now trade your legacy servers and equipment for current models and technologies. Pay only the difference to minimize your out of pocket investment. Call us for evaluations, proposals and offers.
Quick List of what we want to buy
We buy all Sun equipment and StorEdge
We buy all Dell business-class equipment
We buy all servers ▪ workstations ▪ blades
We buy all storage ▪ internal and external devices
We buy all DEC Alpha and VAX systems
We buy all Compaq Proliant and StorageWorks
We buy all HP business-class equipment and systems
We buy Dell servers - printers and networking systems
We buy Unix and Linux Systems
We buy all used and new brand name PC computers in quantity
We buy all brand name notebooks and laptops in quantity
We buy all brand name LCD flat panels & monitors in any quantity
We buy all printers. HP - Lexmark and more
We buy all memory (RAM) in all quantities and configurations
We buy all major brands of networking equipment, routers and switches
We buy all brands of used storage arrays and equipment 
We buy used parts for old systems
We buy all computer room and data center equipment
We buy all computer cabinets & racks
We buy data center A/C units of all sizes
We buy data center emergency generators
We buy UPS systems of all sizes
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Items of interest to the Liquidators
Items the Liquidators will not buy

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In most cases, submissions received before 5:00 PM CST on week days, will be answered the same day. For urgent requests, immediate answers and service call 800 932-0657.
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Sell all your IBM - Sun - HP - Dell - Cisco - Compaq - StorageTek - NetApp - EMC and Bay Networks equipment here!

Sell you Sun systems & equipment to computer liquidators

We buy all HP systems, backup and networking equipment

Compaq - Alpha - Vax - Proliant - We buy it!

Sell you Cicso routers - switches - wireless access to us!

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