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 Items Computer Liquidators Do Not Buy
Please read this list of items the Liquidators will not buy before calling.
Buyers are not able to respond to quote requests on any of these items.
We do not issue quotes to buy items described on this page.
Computer Liquidators does not buy PC computers and networking components manufactured for the home user consumer market.

Home consumer computing equipment includes the types of personal computers, monitors, flat panels, laptops and network gear used in homes for entertainment, e-mailing, Internet surfing, home finance and bill paying, gaming and school educational projects.

Please do not request quotes for these type of products.  We cannot respond to requests of this nature.

Thank you.
Equipment we do not buy is included but not limited to the listing below.

1)   No OfficeJet or bubble-jet type printers - Call us only on high volume business Laser printers

2)   No home or small office FAX machines

3)   No adding machines or calculators

4)   No home electronics such as stereos, radios, and alarm clocks

5)   No telephone handsets or home telephone systems

6)   No printer cartridges – unless you have cases of them

7)   No home or home office cable modems

8)   No home level Wireless-G or Wireless-N Broadband Routers

9)   No AC Adapters

10) No Televisions

11) No home entertainment VCR, DVD or Blu-Ray movie players

12) No home or home office batteries or battery backup devices – (UPS)

13) No home or home office all-in-one printers

14) No mouse devices (mice) or mouse pads

15) No old CRT type home or home office monitors

16) No consumer-level computer speakers

17) No MP4 Players

18) No Cell Phones

19) No Megapixel Cell Phones

20) No PC add in cards (any)

21) No PC add-on memory card readers

22) No game consoles such X Box and Sony Play Stations
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Items the Liquidators will not buy
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